Transition from right turn to left turn in a Lee Parks Total Control clinic


One student's experience in a private lesson

My husband, a seasoned biker, highly recommended Steve as a teacher when I decided to learn to ride. I started a 2-day MSF beginners class but it was more intimidating than motivating. Steve's impressive teaching credentials and riding experience inspired me to sign up for a private lesson at a training facility where he maintains the bikes. Outstanding decision. Outstanding experience. Four reasons: More relevant is that I found myself driving away from each of my 2 lessons feeling an incredible high- truly happy rather than overwhelmed. Would have taken more but winter intervened. Steve significantly boosted my confidence in a very short time. Can't recommend him more highly.

One student's experience in the MSF's Beginner Rider Course

Hello, I took your class on (I think) October 7,8.
If you remember I had already taken a similar course but did not get my license do to a DMV error. I must say that your course was much better than the one that I had previously taken. You are a very good teacher and made the class fun to take (again.)
Thanks for the great class.
Ps. My license took 2 weeks to arrive.